IMS Close-Up: Building Vaccine Confidence

Friday, August 27, 2021 7:30 AM | Sydney Maras (Administrator)

This week’s full FDA approval of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine marks another milestone in the fight to end the pandemic, but nearly half of all Iowans remain unvaccinated and many remain deeply skeptical of the vaccines. In the face of this persistent vaccine hesitancy and confusion over the evolving public health guidance regarding COVID-19, more and more patients are looking for a trusted, local authority for information. Iowa physicians are well-versed in breaking down complex medical conditions and helping their patients make the best care decisions for their individual circumstances, but how do we reach those who are deeply skeptical of the safety, efficacy, or even the need for a COVID-19 vaccine? How do you explain the relatively new Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) process or know which authoritative source to seek out when there is often conflicting guidance from state, federal, and international sources? IMS is here to help.

IMS has launched a new vaccine confidence initiative aimed at better equipping Iowa physicians to be the trusted local messengers to help their communities navigate the questions and skepticism around the COVID-19 vaccines. This new project is being built in conjunction with state and federal public health experts to ensure that every Iowa physician has the tools necessary to best advise their patients on COVID-19 vaccinations. These resources will include:

·         Provider Toolkits, Guidance, and FAQ Documents
·         New, Easy-to-Understand Patient Education Materials
·         Live & On-Demand Educational Webinars
·         Individual Clinical Training and Technical Assistance
·         Direct Access to Physician Champions and Subject Matter Experts

In addition to these more traditional resources, IMS will be standing up one of the country’s first Vaccine ECHO Projects – a hub and spoke model of virtual grand rounds that will regularly connect physicians from across the state to share best practices and what’s working in their local communities. First established nearly twenty years ago by the University of New Mexico School of Medicine, Project ECHO utilizes technology to connect providers with subject matter experts and each other in a virtual “community of practice” to learn from each other and foster greater professional collaboration. Based upon New Mexico’s success in the treatment of hepatitis C, the ECHO model has been expanded and replicated for the treatment and management of a host of medical conditions. Now, IMS is leading the way in utilizing this innovative model to better equip Iowa physicians to build confidence in the COVID-19 vaccine.

IMS has hired a dedicated project manager with a background in public health and clinical care delivery to help lead this work. In the coming weeks and months, we will begin rolling out additional patient and provider resources, including live and on-demand trainings on skills such as motivational interviewing. The first of these resources – a quick guide on talking with patients about COVID-19, as well as a patient guide to understanding the COVID-19 vaccines and the EUA process – have been posted to the IMS Patient Resource Page. For more information on this project, please contact Kady Reese with IMS.

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