IMSF Board of Directors

 Tiffani Milless, MD - Chair

 Iowa Pathology Associates

 Des Moines

 Scott Truhlar, MD - Vice Chair

 Radiologic Medical Services


 Steven Churchill


 Des Moines


 Eric Heininger, CFRE - Director, Chair of IMS Alliance

 EDEN+ Fundraising and Non-profit Consulting

 Des Moines

 Erik Anderson, MD - Director

 University of Minnesota


 Stephen T. H. Gutu, MD - Director

 Pediatric Neurology Divine Solutions

 West Des Moines

 Mary Kitchell – Director


 Marygrace Elson, MD - Director


 Iowa City


 Michael Kitchell, MD - Director

 McFarland Clinic





 Michael Romano, MD - Director

 Nebraska Health Network

 Omaha, NE



 Humphrey Wong, MD - Director

 Genesis Pulmonary Associates


The Iowa Medical  Society is a 501(c)6 non-profit organization. 515 E Locust St. Ste. 400 50309

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