Policy Forum

The Policy Forum is the process by which IMS establishes and amends official policy. Policy Forums are held twice annually, in Spring and Fall. The 19 elected members of the IMS Board of Directors comprise the membership of the Policy Forum. Policy Forums are preceded by Testimony Forums, virtually enabled forums within which IMS members have the opportunity to offer testimony in support of, or in opposition to, the Policy Request Statements (PRSs) that are under consideration by upcoming Policy Forums. IMS members are encouraged to participate in the policy setting process by:

  1. Submitting PRSs to establish new policy, amend exiting policy,or directing IMS to take action on an issue.
  2. Participating in Testimony Forums by offering virtual testimony in support of, or in opposition to, PRSs under consideration.
  3. Attending Policy Forums and testifying in person.

Schedule for Next Forum

Call to Action

March 6 - March 20


Testimony Forum

March 20 - April 3


Policy Forum 20-1

April 17

  • PF 20-1 is scheduled to be held following the April IMS Board Meeting in Cedar Rapids.

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