Compared to the rest of the country, Iowa (at 17 percent) ranks near the top among states in its proportion of Medicare beneficiaries and, at 13 practicing physicians per 1,000 beneficiaries, ranks close to last among states in its ratio of physicians to Medicare beneficiaries. Additionally, Medicare reimbursement to Iowa physicians ranks among the lowest in the country - averaging around 80th out of 89 payment localities. Despite these factors, nationwide the quality of Iowa's health care is ranked 2nd overall.


Last Week to Submit 2018 MIPs Data


2018 MIPS data may be submitted and updated any until 8:00 p.m. ET on Tuesday, April 2.

CMS Launches Podcast to Reach Stakeholders via Modern Platform


New podcast “CMS: Beyond the Policy” offers regular episodes that discuss agency updates and policies in a user-friendly medium

AMA President Returns to Iowa


The Iowa Medical Society welcomed a special guest at its quarterly board meeting in Iowa City on Thursday, September 20.