Geographic Equity in Medicare Coalition

Geographic Equity in Medicare Coalition logoAmericans everywhere pay equal premiums to support Medicare, yet there is substantial geographic disparity in patient services and physician reimbursement levels in the Medicare Part B program. The degree of this disparity is unjustified and inherently unfair – and is having an increasingly negative impact on patient care and access in many parts of the United States. The Geographic Equity in Medicare (GEM) Coalition was formed to remedy this alarming inequity. The member organizations believe that federal policymakers must assign a high priority to eliminating Geographic Practice Cost Indices (GPCIs) and other components of the Medicare Part B program that result in this inappropriate and inequitable reimbursement to the tens of thousands of physicians across this country providing medical care to millions of Medicare beneficiaries. The critical nature of this problem compels immediate attention and action. For over a decade, members of this coalition and others working through the Geographic Coalition have addressed these gross disparities. Productive improvements in Medicare Plus Choice helped lay the foundation to continue to address these inequities experienced by many patients and their physicians.


  • Make the floor of 1.00 for the work GPCI permanent.
  • Incrementally increase both the practice expense GPCI and the professional liability insurance GPCI to 1.00 over the next ten years
  • Resources

    IMS has prepared a number of documents to assist in advocating for elimination of the geographic inequities in Medicare Part B reimbursement. Some documents provide national data while others are specific to Iowa.