Center for Physician Advocacy

The Center for Physician Advocacy (CPA) directs the state legislative and lobbying efforts of the Iowa Medical Society (IMS). We are responsible for the coordination and development of policy positions, grassroots advocacy campaigns and legislative updates, including production of the IMS Advocate.

Physician and patient advocacy has been the core of IMS' purpose since its creation in 1850. Among the first resolutions adopted at its inaugural meeting was to end the sale of “adulterated drugs and chemicals,” to educate the legislature of the state of Iowa on the issue, and to appeal to those engaged in the trade to supply “pure and unadulterated medicines.” One way the CPA supports advocacy is by organizing Physician Day on the Hill. Each year, the CPA brings physicians together at the seat of Iowa's government to educate the legislature about medicine's most pressing issues. The next Physician Day on the Hill is set for March 27, 2019. 


The McCoy Report
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The Mulhausen Report
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The Steenblock Report
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CPA Staff

  Michael Flesher  

Vice President & CEO 

  Kate Strickler, JD, LLM  


  Dennis Tibben  

Director of
  External Affairs   

  Sydney Maras