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The 2015 Iowa Physician Survey found that 79.3% of physician respondents reported some level of professional burnout. Coupled with low professional morale – just 41% of Iowa respondents expressed positive feelings about the state of the medical profession – these growing rates of burnout paint an image of a profession in crisis. In February 2016, the IMS Board of Directors approved the formation of an ad hoc Physician Burnout Task Force to determine how IMS might best support Iowa physicians at risk of or currently experiencing professional burnout. The task force's recommendations, contained in The Steenblock Report, included development of this online resource guide to provide all Iowa physicians, residents, and students with access to resources, education, and expertise.


Upcoming Programming

The Physician Burnout Task Force recommended IMS make available a series of in-person and virtual education, segmented by career stage, to provide physicians, residents, and medical students with the tools and strategies to successfully combat burnout. 

2019 Regional Programming

Tuesday, November 5, Iowa City

Tuesday, December 3, Ames

Virtual Programming

Check back  for more details on virtual programming .


Burnout Resources

Successfully combating professional burnout involves more than just programming, education, and resources aimed at physician well being. It also involves addressing the underlying causes of burnout such as navigating practice transformation initiatives, adapting to practice workflow changes like transitioning to a new electronic medical record system, and leading practice management decisions including staffing.

AMA Resources

Steps Forward Practice Transformation Series

43 free online modules covering a broad range of areas including:

Patient Care
(16 Modules)
Workflow & Process
  (14 Modules)
Leading Change
(7 Modules)

Professional Well-Being
(4 Modules)
Technology & Finance
(8 Modules)

(CME Credit Available)

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Am I Experiencing Burnout?

One of the greatest challenges in combating professional burnout is overcoming the stigma and recognizing that you are experiencing burnout symptoms. Burnout is common in every profession and especially common in the medical field. There a number of online self-assessment tools available to help quickly and privately determine whether or not you are experiencing symptoms of professional burnout. Below is a link to a free, online burnout self-assessment tool.

Take the Burnout Self-Assessment

Check back soon for access to the Maslach Burnout Inventory, a highly respected self-assessment tools, which has been validated by more than 25 years of external research. 

Prevalence of Burnout Among Iowa Physicians


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