Policy Forum 19-2 Held in Iowa City


PF 19-2 was held on Thursday, September 19, 2019. Five Policy Request Statements were considered.

PRS 19-2-01: Coverage for Behavioral Health Collaborative Care Model

Policy Request

The Iowa Medical Society advocate for Medicaid and commercial insurance coverage and reimbursement for the CoCM, consistent with the Medicare coverage and reimbursement included in the 2017 and 2018 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule

Action Taken

Adopted as written

PRS 19-2-02: Advancing Gender Equity in Medicine

Policy Request

1.      The Iowa Medical Society draft and disseminate to the membership a report detailing its positions and recommendations for gender equity in medicine, including clarifying principles for state and specialty societies, academic medical centers, and other entities that employ physicians.

2.      The Iowa Medical Society:

a)      advocate for institutional, departmental, and practice policies that promote transparency in defining the criteria for initial and subsequent physician compensation;

b)      advocate for pay structures based on objective, gender-neutral objective criteria;

c)      encourage a specified approach, sufficient to identify gender disparity, to oversight of compensation models, metrics, and actual total compensation for all employed physicians; and

d)      advocate for training to identify and mitigate implicit bias in compensation determination for those in positions to determine salary and bonuses, with a focus on how subtle differences in the further evaluation of physicians of different genders may impede compensation and career advancement.

3.      The Iowa Medical Society recommend as immediate actions to reduce gender bias:

a)      eliminate the question of prior salary information from job applications for physician recruitment in academic and private practice;

b)      inform physicians about their rights under the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act and Equal Pay Act;

c)      establish educational programs to help empower all genders to negotiate equitable compensation;

d)      work with relevant stakeholders to host a workshop on the role of medical societies in advancing women in medicine, with co-development and broad dissemination of a report based on workshop findings; and

e)      create guidance for medical schools and health care facilities for institutional transparency of compensation, and regular gender-based pay audits.

4.   The Iowa Medical Society collect and analyze comprehensive demographic data and produce a study report on the inclusion of women members including, but not limited to, membership, committee makeup, and leadership positions within IMS, including the Board of Directors, speaker invitations and recognition awards, and disseminate such findings in regular reports to membership, beginning in 2020 and continuing yearly thereafter, with recommendations to support ongoing gender equity efforts.


5.   The Iowa Medical Society commit to pay equity across the organization by asking the Board of Directors to undertake routine assessments of salaries within and across the organization, while making the necessary adjustments to ensure equal pay for equal work.


Action Taken

Adopted as amended


PRS 19-2-03: Violence Against Healthcare Workers

Policy Request

1.      The Iowa Medical Society adopt a zero-tolerance policy toward violence against health care workers.

2.      The Iowa Medical Society shall:

a)      Inform all member physicians of the meaning of Iowa Code 708.3A

b)      Communicate Work with Iowa Hospital Association to ensure that IHA informs its members of IMS policy and have awareness of the law and its implication.

c)      Communicate with state agencies as appropriate to ensure these agencies are not creating a chilling effect on hospital and clinician response.

d)      Interface with and educate Des Moines and other police agencies about their part in protecting healthcare workers. 

3.      The Iowa Medical Society conduct a study of the charges filed against patients attacking hospital staff to ensure hospitals take seriously their responsibilities to protect their employees and identify opportunities to improve the safety of all healthcare workers.


Action Taken

Adopted as Amended


PRS 19-2-04: Policy Sunset Report for 2019

Policy Request

The Policy Committee recommends that the Iowa Medical Society policies listed in the Appendix to this report be acted upon in the manner indicated in its report.

Action Taken


PRS 19-2-05: Increasing Medicaid Reimbursement for Psychiatric Mental Institutions for Children

Policy Request

The Iowa Medical Society shall advocate for increasing the PMIC reimbursement rate and establishing a reimbursement rebasing methodology wherein future increases are made in a reliable manner, creating funding stability for Iowa’s PMICs.

Action Taken


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