Burnout Programming in Sioux City

IMS traveled to Sioux City this week and was able to bring the Burnout Awareness Program to the Siouxland Medical Education Foundation Residents. It was a great opportunity for IMS to discuss burnout to residents as they are in the start of their careers. Tammy Rogers, Co-Founder of The Meyvn Group, and facilitator of the IMS Burnout Awareness Program educated the residents about the burnout spectrum, what each level of burnout entails, and had the group come up with simple things they can do in their lives to mitigate burnout.

In the evening IMS partnered with the Woodbury County Medical Society and Iowa Pharmacy Association to bring together over 75 physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and other health care providers to talk as one about the costs of burnout, how to recognize where you are at in the burnout spectrum and ways to overcome it.

The next upcoming Burnout Awareness Program will be hosted in Iowa City on November 5th. Be sure to register now to reserve your spot.


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