Psychologist Prescribing Subcommittee
Holds Third Meeting

Date of Publication February 3, 2017

This past Monday, subcommittees from the Iowa Board of Medicine (IBM) and the Iowa Board of Psychology (IBP) met for the third time to continue work on joint administrative rules to implement the psychologist prescribing statute passed by the legislature in 2016. Throughout the course of the rulemaking process, IMS has worked closely with the Iowa Psychiatric Society (IPS) to craft recommendations to address, to the greatest degree possible, patient safety concerns with this new prescriptive authority. Unfortunately, the subcommittees have largely failed to act on the recommendations of the medical community. Ahead of Monday’s meeting, IMS and IPS submitted a third round of comments summarizing our concerns to date.

As part of the safeguards that IMS and IPS built into enacting the statute, the law requires that the IBM and IBP consult with the University of Iowa in determining appropriate minimum training and educational standards. This formal consultation occurred in late January. Ahead of this week’s meeting, the subcommittees received extensive comments from Donald Black, MD, Psychiatric Residency Training Director with the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine. Dr. Black’s comments were well received by the IBM members of the subcommittee who determined that further work is necessary on the current draft of the rules, especially the education and training components of the rules. The subcommittee members recommended that a handful of health professionals, including Iowa pharmacologists and representatives of the psychology programs at the University of Iowa, meet with Dr. Black and other stakeholders to further discuss these standards.

Much work continues on these rules, but it is a favorable development that the Psychiatric Residency program has now been engaged to ensure that no rules move forward without appropriate educational standards. As a reminder, once the subcommittee members reach a tentative agreement on these joint rules, the rules must go before the full IBM and IBP for their review and approval before the formal rulemaking process can begin. Should either full board disapprove of these rules, the subcommittees must reconvene to continue to work on joint rules. For more information on this issue, contact Dennis Tibben with the IMS Center for Physicians Advocacy.


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