IMS Calls Special Policy Forum

Date of Publication November 10, 2017

In accordance with Article VIII, Section 4 of the IMS Bylaws, IMS President Joyce Vista-Wayne, MD, DFAPA, has requested a special meeting of the Policy Forum to be held on Thursday, December 14, immediately following the conclusion of the IMS Board of Directors meeting. With the concurrence of the Board of Directors, notification is provided to the membership in accordance with the bylaws.

Article VIII, Section 4: Special meetings of the Policy Forum shall be called by the President, with concurrence by the Board of Directors, or upon written petition of twenty (20) members, not more than four (4) of whom are from any one (1) component society. Rules governing the conduct of such special meetings shall be those that generally apply to meetings of the Policy Forum.


  1. PRS 17-3-01: Policy Forum Speaker: Amend the IMS bylaws to allow the Board of Directors to appoint an individual who has been vetted by the Nominating Committee to serve as Policy Forum Speaker.
  2. PRS 17-3-02: President-Elect At-Large Vacancy: Amend the IMS bylaws to specify that only individuals who have been vetted by the Nominating Committee are eligible for appointment to serve out the duration of the At-Large term vacated when the President-Elect begins his or her term of office.
  3. PRS 17-3-03: IMS Membership for Administrative License Physicians: Amend the IMS bylaws to allow physicians who have an active administrative medical license to become an active IMS member.
  4. PRS 17-3-04: IMS Administrative Membership Category: Amend the IMS bylaws to create a new IMS membership category for physicians who are eligible to receive an administrative medical license, but have not done so.
Members are invited to submit their thoughts on these proposed amendments via the IMS Testimony Forum. The Testimony Forum closes on Saturday, November 25. For more information, please contact Dennis Tibben with the IMS Center for Physician Advocacy.

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