Keep in Mind Important ICD-10 Transition Resources

Date of Publication (September 25, 2015)

The October 1 ICD-10 compliance date is next week! As announced on the August 27 Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) National Provider Call, the CMS ICD-10 Ombudsman is available to address ICD-10 related issues for individual providers and stakeholders. William Rogers, MD, an emergency physician who heads up the CMS Physician Regulatory Issues Team, was named as the ICD-10 Ombudsman. As ICD-10 Ombudsman, Dr. Rogers is the first point of contact for any ICD-10 issues.

Let Sandy Nelson or Kara Bylund at the Iowa Medical Society (IMS) know if you have any ICD-10 related inquiries that were not resolved at the Ombudsman level. IMS will take your ICD-10 transition issues or concerns to the CMS Regional Office in Kansas City for a response. After October 1, IMS would also like to receive any feedback, negative or positive, regarding how successful or challenging the ICD-10 transition has been.

Keep in mind that many resources are available to assist providers with the transition, including the CMS ICD-10 website, the ICD-10 Frequently Asked Questions, the CMS ICD-10 Quick Start Guide, and the Road to 10: CMS Online Tool for Small Practices. Please check the website often as content will be updated regularly. Physicians can also keep up on breaking ICD-10 news by signing up for CMS email update messages or following CMS on Twitter.

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