Illinois Becomes Eleventh State to Join Interstate Compact

Date of Publication (July 23, 2015)

Interstate Medical Licensure Compact MapThe number of states adopting the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact has grown to 11 with the addition of Illinois, whose governor signed the Compact into law this week. Iowa was the tenth state to adopt the legislation. 

The Compact expedites the licensure process for qualified physicians by reducing barriers to obtaining licensure in multiple states and jurisdictions. It establishes a voluntary pathway to streamline the licensing process for physicians seeking to practice medicine in multiple compact states, while maintaining regulatory oversight and increasing the ability of state medical boards to share disciplinary records for physicians moving amongst compact states. Alabama, Idaho, Minnesota, Montana, Nevada, South Dakota, Utah, West Virginia, and Wyoming have previously joined the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact. Neighboring Wisconsin is on track to also join by the end of 2015.

An interstate commission with two members from each participating state is charged with establishing the administrative processes for physicians who want to obtain multi-state licensure through the Compact. The Iowa Board of Medicine (IBM) appointed Mark Bowden, executive director, and Diane Clark, public member and chair of the IBM’s licensure subcommittee, as Iowa’s delegates to the Commission. 

Physicians who already have an Iowa medical license will be able to apply for expedited licenses in other compact states once the new system becomes operational. They will qualify if they meet several basic requirements, such as already being licensed in Iowa, having graduated from an accredited medical school, and having a clean record with no medical-related criminal convictions or disciplinary actions. Iowa’s participation in the Compact will not affect those physicians who only have an Iowa medical license, nor will it eliminate the traditional pathway to obtain multiple state medical licenses by working directly with individual state medical boards; rather, it will augment these existing pathways by creating an additional, expedited processes. Out-of-state physicians obtaining an Iowa medical license through the Compact will be subject to the full oversight of the IBM.

More information about the Compact is available here