IBM Reviewing Options After Supreme Court Ruling

Date of Publication (July 17, 2015)

Image of the U.S. Supreme Court.The Iowa Board of Medicine (IBM) still has patient safety concerns about medical abortions. Hamed Tewfik, MD, Chairperson of the IBM, read a statement at the July 10, 2015, public IBM meeting regarding the Supreme Court’s determination in Planned Parenthood v. Board of Medicine. The Court ruled that the Board’s standards of practice rules for medical abortions were unconstitutional. Dr. Tewfik said the Board has met several times to discuss the ruling and is reviewing its options. The IBM will release a formal response in the future. 

The Board also appointed Mark Bowden, executive director of the IBM, and  Diane Clark, public member and chair of the IBM’s licensure subcommittee, as delegates to the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact. Iowa was the tenth state to join the Compact. Each state that adopted it now sends two delegates to a meeting to discuss implementation. 

The IBM submitted its budget for fiscal year 2016 to the Iowa Department of Public Health. The budget   is similar to FY2015, but includes allocations for travel expenses for members attending meetings about the Interstate Compact. Licensure fees remain unchanged.