IBM Discusses Proposed Telemedicine Administrative Rules

Date of Publication (February 14, 2015)

The Iowa Board of Medicine met last Friday, February 6. Board members discussed the proposed administrative rules to establish standards of practice for physicians who use telemedicine. The Iowa Medical Society, among others, submitted comments to the proposed rule; the IBM staff will incorporate many of the comments into the final draft. The vote on whether to adopt the rules is set for April. If approved, the rules will then go to the Administrative Rules Committee.

The IBM members also discussed the Iowa Board of Physician Assistants' proposed bill. The bill eliminates the requirement for physicians to regularly visit PAs working in remote clinics. The IBM voted to oppose the bill, and Mark Bowden, executive director of the IBM, will attend the Administrative Rules Committee meeting to oppose the change.

The Interstate Medical Licensure Compact was also discussed. The Compact, if passed, would speed the process of issuing licenses for physicians who wish to practice in multiple states. The Senate subcommittee has approved the bill; the House subcommittee has not yet voted.

The proposed bill requiring all prescribers to report controlled substance prescriptions to a state-wide database will likely not pass, Mr. Bowden reported. Use of the database is currently voluntary.


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