IMS Opposes IBM Proposed Fee Increase

Date of Publication (October 26, 2007)

IMS filed formal comments of opposition to fee increases proposed by the Iowa Board of Medicine (IBM). Under the proposal, the biennial license renewal fees increase from $400 for electronic filing to $450; 98% of Iowa physicians file electronically.

In 1999, the IBM increased the biennial license renewal fee from $200 to $325, a 38% fee increase; that fee was later reduced to $312.50 for electronic filing. In 2005, the $312.50 amount was increased to $400 for electronic filing, a 28% fee increase. This latest proposal represents a 12.5% fee increase. At $450, Iowa physicians would be paying the highest license renewal fees in comparison to neighboring states, the highest license renewal fees set by Iowa's independent health licensing boards (i.e., nursing, dentistry, pharmacy), and among the highest license renewal fees charged by other state medical boards.

In the comments, IMS acknowledged that by law, the IBM must support itself on licensing fees and requested that the IBM provide specific budget support for its requested increases. The IBM responded to the IMS request with detailed budget information indicating that without the increase, the IBM would be operating at a deficit for fiscal year 2009; with the increase, dollars should be adequate to support IBM functions to fiscal year 2011. The IBM also noted that its fees support both the IBM as well as the Iowa Health Physician Program and that most state licensing boards do not have physician health programs.

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