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Established in 1850, the Iowa Medical Society (IMS) is a state-wide professional association representing 6,200 Iowa physicians, residents and medical students. We help professionals develop their skills and further their careers by providing access to unique and relevant content and exclusive member services. Today, IMS exists to assure the highest quality healthcare in Iowa through our role as physician and patient advocate.​

Whether you are a physician in private practice or in an employment relationship, IMS provides member physicians the opportunity to play an active role in shaping the future of medical practice in Iowa. IMS is committed to providing expert advice, support and resources to help physicians provide superlative care and keep them at the forefront of their profession. Our healthcare delivery system is in a rapid state of transformation. New rules, regulations and guidelines are released every day. These changes continue to have a profound effect on medical practices, including where and how physicians practice medicine. IMS needs physicians like you to improve the practice of medicine throughout the state to ultimately establish a healthier Iowa.​

Join us today! We look forward to continuing to serve Iowa’s physician community as the forum to empower physicians to advocate on behalf of their patients and profession.