Merit Award

Since it was first presented in 1951 to Clyde A. Boice, MD, Washington, and Martin I. Olsen, MD, Des Moines, a total of 85 members have been presented with Merit Awards for service to the Iowa Medical Society and the medical profession with distinction.


Douglas Steenblock, MD, Marshalltown (2019)
Doug Dorner, MD, FACS (2018)
Hamed Tewfik, MD, Iowa City (2017)
Lauris Kaldjian, MD, PhD, Iowa City (2016)
Michael McCoy, MD, Burlington (2015)
David Thomas, MD, Marshalltown (2014)
Robert Gitchell, MD, Ames (2013)
Michael Kitchell, MD, Ames (2012)
Jean Robillard, MD, Iowa City (2011)
José Angel, MD, Des Moines (2010)
John Olds, MD, Des Moines (2009)
Siroos Shirazi, MD, Iowa City (2008)
Charles Helms, MD, Iowa City (2007)
Thomas Evans, MD, Des Moines (2006)
Frank Zlatnik, MD, Iowa City (2005)
Sterling Laaveg, MD, Mason City (2004)
R. Bruce Trimble, MD, Mason City; Donald C. Young, MD, Polk City (2003)
Herman Hein, MD, Iowa City (2002)
John Brinkman, MD, Mason City (2001)
Robert Kelch, MD, Iowa City (2000)
Robert Anderson, MD, Davenport; David Carlyle, MD, Ames; James Hubbard, MD, Dubuque; Richard Nelson, MD, Iowa City; Rizwan Shah, MD, Des Moines; Julianne Thomas, MD, Cedar Rapids (1999)
Kevin Cunningham, MD, Des Moines (1998)
Thomas Foley, MD, (1997)
John Anderson, MD, Boone (1996)
Laverne Wintermeyer, MD (1995)
Jackson VerSteeg, MD (1994)
John Tyrrell, MD (1993)
Emmett Mathiasen, MD (1992)
Dennis Walter, MD (1991)
Lawrence Goodman, MD (1990)
Enfred E. Linder, MD, Ogden (1989)
Arthur Downing, MD, Des Moines (1988)
Hormoz Rassekh, MD, Council Bluffs (1987)
Pablo R. Recinos, MD, Mason City; Warren V. Wulfekuhler, MD, Mason City (1986)
William R. Bliss, MD, Ames; Craig D. Ellyson, MD, Waterloo (1985)
John W. Eckstein, MD, Iowa City (1984)
Clarence H. Denser, Jr., MD, Des Moines (1983)
Cecil W. Siebert, MD, Waterloo (1982)
Leslie W. Swanson, MD, Mason City; Ralph L. Wicks, MD, Okoboji (1981)
Aloysius J. Havlik, MD, Tama (1980)
John M. Rhodes, Sr., MD, Pocahontas; Verne L. Schlaser, MD, Des Moines (1979)
James F. Bishop, MD, Davenport (1978)
Kenneth E. Lister, MD, Ottumwa (1977)
Herman J. Smith, MD, Des Moines (1976)
Richard F. Birge, MD, Des Moines (1975)
John H. Sunderbruch, MD, Davenport (1974)
Elmer M. Smith, MD, Des Moines (1973)
D.O. Maland, MD, Cresco (1972)
L.B. Sedlacek, MD, Cedar Rapids (1971)
Elmo E. Gamet, MD, Lamoni (1970)
Carroll Adams, MD, Mason City (1969)
Jack M. Layton, MD, Tucson, AZ (1968)
Dennis H. Kelly, Sr., MD, Des Moines (1967)
Donald C. Conzett, MD, Dubuque (1966)
Lee F. Hill, MD, Des Moines (1965)
Fred Sternagel, MD, West Des Moines (1964)
John W. Billingsley, MD, Newton (1963)
Wendell L. Downing, MD, LeMars (1962)
Robert N. Larimer, MD, Sioux City (1961)
Walter L. Bierring, MD, Des Moines (1960)
Ben T. Whitaker, MD, Boone (1959)
Tom D. Throckmorton, MD, Des Moines (1958)
Francis C. Coleman, MD, Des Moines (1957)
George Braunlich, MD, Davenport; Robert L. Parker, MD, Des Moines (1956)
Conreid R. Harken, MD, Osceola; Jeanette Dean-Throckmorton, MD, Des Moines (1955)
Ransom D. Bernhard, MD, Ames; John I. Marker, MD, Davenport (1954)
Harold F. Farnsworth, MD, Storm Lake; Gordon F. Harkness, MD, Davenport; Charles T. Maxwell, MD, Sioux City; Lee R. Woodward, MD, Mason City (1953)
Daniel J. Glomset, MD, Des Moines; John T. McClintock, MD, Iowa City; Walter A. Sternberg, MD, Mt. Pleasant (1952)
Clyde A. Boice, MD, Washington; Martin I. Olsen, MD, Des Moines (1951)

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