John F. Sanford Award

Since it was first presented in 1959 to Edwin M. Kingery of Des Moines, the John F. Sanford Award, has been presented to 47 lay individuals for significant contributions to health care in Iowa.


Jeffrey Halverson, RPh, MBA (2018)
Clare Kelly, Des Moines (2017)
Mike Stoll, Dubuque (2016)
Paul Drey, JD, Des Moines (2015)
Jeanine Freeman, JD, Des Moines (2014)
Mike Abrams, Johnston (2013)
Roma Taylor, RN, Davenport (2012)
Tom Newton, Des Moines (2011)
Rick Shupbach, Grundy Center (2010)
Barb Savage, Des Moines; Tess Young, Polk City (2009)
The Honorable Michael Gronstal, Council Bluffs (2008)
Mary Mincer Hansen, Des Moines (2007)
Keith Luchtel, Des Moines (2006)
Governor Terry E. Branstad, Des Moines (2005)
Senator Charles Grassley (2004)
Sally Pederson (2003)
Sandy Nichols, Des Moines (2002)
Christie Vilsack, Des Moines (2001)
Lou Crist, Iowa City (2000)
Christopher Atchison, Des Moines (1999)
Walter Tomenga, Des Moines (1998)
Senator Elaine Szymoniak (1997)
David Lyons, Des Moines (1996)
James Koch, Davenport (1995)
Don Neumann, Des Moines; Tina Preftakes, Des Moines (1994)
Diane Kutzko, JD (1992)
Roger Tracy, Iowa City (1991)
J. Locke Macomber, Des Moines (1989)
Michael Reagan, Des Moines (1987)
Eldon E. Huston, Des Moines (1983)
Lee Couch, Des Moines (1982)
Governor Robert D. Ray, Des Moines (1981)
William Recknor, Des Moines (1980)
John Colloton, Iowa City (1979)
Joyce Montag, Creston (1976)
Paul G. Norris, Jr., Marshalltown (1975)
Gladys Manning, Iowa City (1974)
Ronald V. Saf, Des Moines (1973)
Howard Hill, Minburn (1972)
Howard Hall, Cedar Rapids (1971)
Kenneth Barrows, Des Moines (1970)
Philip C. Irwin, Des Moines (1969)
Dean C. Stroud, Des Moines; Leland P. Johnson, Ph.D., Des Moines (1968)
Robert B. Throckmorton, Des Moines (1967)
Donald L. Taylor, Des Moines (1964)
F. P. G. Lattner, Des Moines (1963)
J. W. Fisher, Marshalltown (1961)
Ben Summerwill, Iowa City (1960)
Edwin M. Kingery, Des Moines (1959)

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