The 2020 IMS Awards will be presented at the
IMS President's Reception 
on April17 in Cedar Rapids

Distinguished Service Award

The highest award given by the IMS, it is reserved for those physician leaders who have made outstanding contributions through the Iowa Medical Society for the profession of medicine. This award is not given annually, and has been presented only eight times in the history of the organization.

Merit Award

Given to an IMS member who has served the IMS and the medical profession with distinction.

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John F. Sanford Award

Given to a lay person for outstanding contributions to public health or the field of health care. The award is named after a physician from Keokuk who is considered the “father” of the Iowa Medical Society.

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Washington Freeman Peck Award

Given to a lay organization for significant contributions to health care. The award is named after the pioneering young physician who was responsible for the establishment of a medical school in Iowa City in 1870, and was elected as the 25th IMS president in 1876.

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Physician Community Service Award

A recognition of service by Iowa physicians in their communities. Criteria include: physician must be a resident of Iowa; must be either a DO or MD; service to the community should be uncompensated. “Community” will be broadly interpreted and includes mission work in a foreign country.

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Presidential Citation Award

Presented at the discretion of the President of the Iowa Medical Society.

Have a Nomination?

Know someone worthy of recognition from Iowa medicine? Has a colleague or layperson you know made outstanding contributions to the medical profession, health care, or IMS? Perhaps you know a lay organization whose contributions to public health are outstanding? Nominate someone you know for an IMS award contact Kara Bylund at IMS.