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Even under the best of circumstances, there are times when a patient experiences an unanticipated health outcome. Open communication between physicians and their patients is the foundation of a sustainable physician-patient relationship. When an unanticipated outcome occurs, physicians should be able to clearly communicate with the patient exactly what occurred and what steps will be taken to try to make that patient whole once more, without the fear that doing so exposes them to additional civil liability. To facilitate these conversations, IMS, in conjunction with the Iowa Association for Justice, developed the Candor legislation (see under the Documents tab below) that unanimously passed both chambers of the Iowa General Assembly and was signed into law on April 14, 2015. Expansions to the Candor statute were signed into law on May 5, 2017. IMS has developed a series of educational materials to assist Iowa physicians in putting this new liability protection to work in their clinics. For more information on the Candor statute, please contact IMS Staff Attorney Kate Strickler, JD, LLM.



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Candor Statute - Iowa Code §135P

Sample Candor Forms

Note: These samples forms are intended to be informational in nature only. Please consult your legal counsel and medical liability insurer prior to implementing a Candor program in your facility.

Sample Patient Notification

Candor is a provider-initiated process. To trigger the protections of the Candor statute, the provider must provide the patient with a written early disclosure notification.

Sample Patient Consent

The Candor statute requires that a patient receive specific notifications. It is important to document that patients participating in a Candor discussion have received these notifications and acknowledge that they understand their legal rights.

Sample Consent by Others

The Candor statute allows either party to invite other individuals, such as family members or legal representatives, to participate in a Candor discussion. It is important to document that all participants in a Candor discussion understand the legal protections afforded by the Candor statute and the confidential nature of these conversations.

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