Board of Directors

At-Large Representatives


IMPAC Chair Kenneth Wayne, MD, Internal Medicine and Pulmonary Diseases, Clive

Kenneth Wayne, MD

Internal Medicine and Pulmonary Diseases


Vice Chair

IMPAC District 3 Representative Joshua Cook, MD, Pathology, West Des Moines

Joshua Cook, MD


Des Moines


IMPAC Secretary/Treasurer Gene Lariviere, MD, General Surgery, Cedar Point

Gene Lariviere, MD

General Surgery

Cedar Point

Legislative Chair

IMPAC Legislative Chair Kevin Cunningham, MD, Internal Medicine, Des Moines

Kevin Cunningham, MD

Internal Medicine

Des Moines

District Representatives

District 1

IMPAC District 1 Representative Clete Younger, MD, Family Medicine, Cedar Rapids

Clete Younger, MD

Family Medicine

Cedar Rapids


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District 2

IMPAC District 2 Representative Marta Van Beek, MD, MPH, FAAD, Dermatology, Iowa City

Marta Van Beek, MD, MPH, FAAD


Iowa City


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District 3

IMPAC District 3 Representative IMPAC District 1 Representative Donald Young, DO, Gynecology and Endocrinology, Waukee

Donald Young, DO

Gynecology and Endocrinology


IMPAC District 3 Representative IMPAC District 3 Representative Jon Van Der Veer, DO, Internal Medicine, West Des Moines

Jon Van Der Veer, DO

Internal Medicine

West Des Moines

District 4

IMPAC District 4 Representative Janice Kirsch, MD, Internal Medicine, Clear Lake

Janice Kirsch, MD

Internal Medicine

Clear Lake

IMPAC District 4 Representative Doug Martin, MD, Occupational Medicine, Sioux City

Douglas Martin, MD

Occupational Medicine

Sioux City

Resident Representative

IMPAC Resident Representative Cynthia Hoque, DO, Family Medicine, Des Moines

Cynthia Hoque, DO

Family Medicine

Des Moines

Student Representatives

University of Iowa

IMPAC Student Representative Nicole Westergaard, Iowa City

Nicole Westergaard, M2

Iowa City

Des Moines University

IMPAC Student Representative Susan Kenzie, Des Moines

Susan Kenzie, OMS-II

Des Moines

IMS Board Liaison

IMPAC IMS Board Liaison Kelly Reed, DO, Family Medicine, Waukee

Kelly Reed, DO

Family Medicine