What is IMPAC?

The Iowa Medical Political Action Committee (IMPAC) is the political arm of the Iowa Medical Society (IMS), which represents more than 6,400 physician, resident, and medical student members. IMPAC is a voluntary organization that uses personal contributions by physicians and others interested in the future of medicine to help elect pro-medicine candidates in Iowa. IMPAC makes campaign contributions to both state and federal candidates running for office in Iowa.

Why IMPAC Membership Matters

Policymakers must hear from physicians about how policy proposals in Washington, D.C., and here in Iowa will impact the practice of medicine in our state. As the largest statewide political action committee for Iowa physicians, IMPAC offers physicians a strong, unified voice in the political process. IMPAC campaign contributions increase the visibility of physician issues, such as tort reform and scope of practice, and strengthen the voice of medicine in the Iowa Legislature. By supporting pro-medicine candidates, IMPAC makes a strong statement about what issues are important to physicians in Iowa. Every dollar of your IMPAC contribution stays in Iowa and is used to further the goals and future of medicine.

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IMPAC's 2018 target goal is to raise $60,000. We need your help to make sure physicians' voices are heard!

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