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  • PRS: 21-2-01: Policy Sunset Report

PRS: 21-2-01: Policy Sunset Report

  • Thursday, August 19, 2021 8:31 AM
    Message # 10941536
    Sydney Maras (Administrator)

    In December 2011, the Iowa Medical Society Board of Directors established a sunset mechanism for IMS policies. Under this mechanism, a policy established by the Executive Council, House of Delegates (HOD), Board of Directors, or Policy Forum (PF) ceases to be viable after 10 years unless action is taken by the HOD or, since the permanent closure of the IMS HOD in 2014, by the PF that reaffirms or modifies an existing policy position; such action shall reset the sunset "clock" making the policy viable for 10 years from the date of its reaffirmation or amendment.

    The objective of the sunset mechanism is to help ensure that the IMS Policy Compendium is relevant, coherent, and consistent. By eliminating outdated, duplicative, and inconsistent policies, the sunset mechanism contributes to the ability of the Iowa Medical Society to communicate and promote its policy positions.

    The policy sunset process includes the following key steps:

    • Each year, IMS staff shall provide a list of policies that are subject to review under the policy sunset mechanism, including recommendations, to a Policy Committee comprised of the Policy Forum Speaker, the American Medical Association Delegation Chair, and the Secretary-Treasurer of the IMS Board of Directors.
    • The Policy Committee shall develop and submit a report to the Policy Forum that presents recommendations, with justification for them, on how the policies should be handled.
    • For each policy under review, the Policy Committee shall recommend one of the following: (i) retain the policy; (ii) rescind the policy; (iii) retain part of the policy; or (iv) amend the policy. For recommendations to retain a policy in part or to amend it, changes shall be indicated by using strike-through marks for deletions and underscore to indicate new text. Within these alternatives, it is acceptable to refer to the Board of Directors or a standing IMS Committee if no clear consensus exists.
    • The Policy Committee’s report shall be submitted as a Policy Request Statement prior to a Policy Forum, thus allowing IMS members time to review policy recommendations.

    Although the policy sunset mechanism should not be used to change the meaning of IMS policies, minor editorial changes can be accomplished through the sunset review process.

    The Appendix to this report contains recommendations for IMS policies last acted upon in 2010.


    The Policy Committee recommends that the following be adopted:

    That the Iowa Medical Society policies listed in the Appendix to this report be acted upon in the manner indicated in the attached file.
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  • Monday, August 30, 2021 2:37 PM
    Reply # 10969899 on 10941536

    I support these retained and amended policies, highlighted in green in the appendix.

    The intent of H-290.014 is not so much to delay all admissions to LTC, but to hopefully keep frail patients in their own homes with some support, which is often cheaper than nursing homes (LTC).

    With regard to H-290.015, the AMA in June passed a number of new policies that would reduce pre-authorization hassles, and the IMS should also follow those new AMA policies.  

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